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Psychic Spells and Readings

Based nationwide, Psychic Love Spells & Tarot Readings by Daniela provides in-person and phone consultation psychic services. She will work with you, using whatever method makes you feel most comfortable, to gain insight into your present, past, and future to find the challenges that you are facing now and will face in the future. Whether you’re in need of a psychic spell, love spell, or reuniting lovers spell, Daniela will help you accomplish all of your goals, offering flat rates or no time limit options.

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Reuniting Lovers:

When you have a special spark with someone, that spark never truly dies out—but it can flicker. Daniela will heal the problems that caused your breakup and will help you reunite and heal together. As this is a long-lasting and powerful spell, you must have no doubts about reuniting with your true love. 

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Sex Spells

Bring your relationship back and reignite that spark from when you first met with a sex spell. In addition to making the need to be together more intense and increasing stamina, this spell can also help you regain the closeness your relationship once had. 

Addiction Removal

From drugs and alcohol to overeating and gambling, her addiction spells can remove a wide range of destructive habits. Help yourself or loved one and remove this addictive behavior with a spell from Daniela today. 

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Bad Spirit Removal

Bad spirits are around us every day and over time, the sense of evil and negative energy will disrupt your life and cause you harm. Daniela’s bad spirit removal spell will trap the negative energy and will allow you to live your fullest life. 

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Commitment Spell

There are people who view commitment with fear or apprehension. If you are in a relationship and your lover is fearful of commitment, Daniela’s commitment spell is for you. If your lover is included during the spellcasting, the spell will be that much stronger.  

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Customized Spells

I can customize a spell to meet any of your hopes and desires. Contact me to discuss your customized spell.

Life History Reading

Daniela’s life history readings are to understand your past life and guide you to experience you best life now. This reading will help you live a fulfilling life by opening your mind to new possibilities. 

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Mending Marriages

If you are experiencing a strained and damaged marriage, reach out to Daniela today. Her mending marriage spell takes two people who still love one another and who want to make the relationship work. By distributing positive energy between the couple, this spell, which may take a few days to activate, will bring the passion and love back to the relationship. 

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Money Spells

No matter who you are, everyone has financial problems and obstacles. You first step to a better and brighter financial future is casting a spell on the negative energy surrounding you. With regular money spells, you can clear the path to a more stable financial future. 

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Pet Readings

Gain a better understanding and strengthen the bond with your lovable and loyal companion today with Daniela’s pet reading. By being able to communicate with one another, you can explain and resolve any unwanted behaviors.

Root Cleansing

Remove any negative energy from your mind, body, or spirit with a cleansing from Daniela. This can help you prepare for a large moment in your life or just help you live a happier and more relaxed life.

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Spiritual Cleansing

If you are surrounded by negative and caustic people, their negative energy can impact your mood and your life overall. A spiritual spell conducted can dissipate and release those energies from your life and replace them with positive and reinforcing energy so you may lead your best life. 

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Love Spells

Daniela’s love spell includes a ritual or spell to bring about love or attraction for another person. These spells can make someone fall in love with you or make you appear more attractive to another. 

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Stopping Cheaters

The key to this spell is changing the way cheater thinks and redirecting their energy. Instead of putting their energy into sneaky behavior, this spell will encourage them to focus their energy into your relationship. 

Tarot Card Reading

The reading of tarot cards is only for those who have years of experience deciphering the many combinations and their meanings. Tarot cards will give you an in-depth view of your past, present, and future.

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LGBT Spells

Feel comfortable once again in your own skin and with your chosen gender identity with an LGBT spell. These will help you connect with your true self, experience true happiness, and attract meaningful relationships.  

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